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Grow, Process and Export

Ingridico is a family-owned brand that produces, processes and exports superfoods to clients across Africa, Europe, Asia and North America.


Since our establishment, we have been committed to producing and selling the best quality dried ginger, raw cashew nuts, sesame seeds and castor seeds. From our 2,000ha farm in the southern region of Nigeria, we also produce fresh pineapples and through partnerships with farmers in the northern region, we have access to dried fruits such as mangoes .



Moisture: 9%

Ash: 8% max

Acid insoluble ash: 2%

MOSH: <2ppm

MOAH: <0.5ppm

S02 Content: <1ppm


Nut Count: 170 - 185 per kg

KOR: 48 - 52 lbs

Moisture Content: <8%

Foreign Matter: <5%

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WhatsApp Image 2022-02-11 at 4.04.12 PM.jpeg


Purity: >98%

Admixture: 2 % max

Moisture Content: 9% max

Oli Content: >45%

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